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Sugar Cane Juicer - Simple as 1-2-3

Insert Cane

Turn Manual Crank

Pour Into Glass


About Our Sugar Cane Juicers:

• Our machines all have stainless steel parts that touch the juice.

• Our manual machine is light and easy to handle, only 30 kilograms.

•The covers are easy to remove for cleaning. The sturdy steel frame will last a lifetime and generations with minimum maitaninance.

• All our machines are super efficient and well built. They have 3 stainless steel rollers to extract the most juice possible.

• Our machines can process black sugar canes without problems.

• Whole canes up to 2 inches diameter can be fed into the machine. The juice is filtered through a fine mesh screen. Open the valve and the juice pours out.

• You can also juice ginger and limes in these machines to mix with the cane juice.

Great Health Benefits of 
Drinking Sugar Cane Juice:

Sugarcane juice is commonly consumed in the countries where it is cultivated. Freshly squeezed, unrefined, raw sugar cane juice is full of electrolytes, vitamins and minerals. Because of its many healing properties, it has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for over 6,000 years.

    • Highly alkaline in nature; so it draws toxins out and alkalinizes the body.

    • High potassium and electrolite content.

    • Rich in carbohydrates, refreshes and revitalize the energy level of body.

    • Rich in iron and calcium.

    • No simple sugars, so diabetic patients can drink it, has low glycemic index.

    • Recovery from jaundice, colds and flu, and liver disease.

    • It helps fight cancer due to its alkaline nature. Studies indicate that it has positive activity 
      againstprostate and breast cancer cells.         

    • Strengthens teeth and gums by providing minerals and prevents tooth decay.

    • Assists in cleansing and elimination of toxins by providing energy.

    • Keeps the urinary flow clear and boosts the kidneys.

    • Good for all organs and vitality.


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